DFP Super Fund Audit is a boutique firm that provides independent SMSF audits. Our aim is to provide professional, timely and efficient SMSF audits that are competitively priced. DFP Super Fund Audit provides quality service because:
  • Our Audit Principal, David Pozzecco, is an Australian Chartered Accountant with more than 27 years auditing experience. David is an accredited SMSF Specialist Auditor™ with the SMSF Association, and an ASIC registered SMSF auditor.
  • SMSF Auditing is all we do, ensuring our clients an independent SMSF audit.
  • We provide timely audit turnaround.
  • A complimentary help line is available to answer all SMSF audit questions that arise during the year, not just during the annual audit.
  • All audit work is done in Australia by qualified professionals – no offshoring of your files or data.
  • We maintain knowledge of current SMSF issues through continuing professional education in the SMSF area.
  • Fees are competitive.
  • David Pozzecco - B. Com, CA, SSAud®
    SMSF Specialist Auditor